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Practical Reasons to Choose Hydrovac Excavation for Slot Trenching Projects

Trenching or slot trenching is one of the most common civil works projects today. It is a procedure that is typically used for laying pipes and cables and other underground utilities. Since this project requires only narrow trenches, hydrovac excavation is the best approach to complete the job. Here’s why: Old trenching methods are not [...]

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What You Need to Know about Hydrovac Excavation

Digging has always been a part of the human quest for progress. But because not all types of digging are the same for every project, traditional digging methods may not work on some excavation projects. This is especially true in areas where pipes or conduits are buried underground. Situations like this require extra care. Hence, [...]

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5 Advantages of Using Hydrovac Units for Excavation

Back in the day, the process of underground digging and moving soil to build structural foundations, drainage systems, and other utilities used to be tough, slow, costly, and risky. While construction and excavation techniques and technologies have come a long way, utility contractors continue to look for solutions to address the many challenges in cost, [...]

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Advanced Line Systems Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary in 2018

Since 2008, Advanced Line Systems has been the premier industry leader in directional boring in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Directional, or horizontal, drilling is a key technology for everything from oil exploration to geothermal energy research. This year represents our 10th year in business providing utility line placement and directional drilling in Denver. Find out [...]

What You Should Keep in Mind When Hiring a Hydro Excavation Company

Hiring hydrovac services to complete an excavation project is an important decision that can have specific repercussions for your operations. Choosing the best hydrovac company can help increase the speed and safety of a project while offering reasonable costs and efficiency. Here are five things you should keep in mind when hiring a hydro-excavation company [...]

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