Since 2008, Advanced Line Systems has been the premier industry leader in directional boring in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Directional, or horizontal, drilling is a key technology for everything from oil exploration to geothermal energy research. This year represents our 10th year in business providing utility line placement and directional drilling in Denver. Find out how we came to be the best and what services we offer.

Who We Are 

Advanced Line Systems is owned by Cody Steinfeld and James “Jamie” Poe, both Wyoming natives with backgrounds working for oilfield service companies and oil and gas drilling. We got our start working utility construction in the 1990s upgrading cables to fiber-optics for AT&T in Denver. There we learned how to use the various equipment needed for boring and utility placement, and after using that knowledge across the Southwest United States for many years, we decided to purchase our own equipment and start working as subcontractors in 2008. We’ve never looked back.

Services We Offer

HYDROVAC – In addition to directional boring in Colorado, we also offer hydrovac units for utility potholing, removing water, mud, or slurry to clean pits and tanks, or cleaning up fluid and material spills from concrete, asphalt, or soil.

UTILITY LOCATING – We can also help locate underground utilities to avoid potential hazards for your construction project. We have several methods for this including electromagnetic equipment, ground penetrating radar, radiolocation, or traceable cameras. Need help finding private water, communication, sewer, electric or other utilities? We can do that too.

ENERGY PRODUCTION SERVICES – We provide safe services for the energy production and pipeline construction industry, with first-aid and OSHA training for all employees. We also have weekly safety meetings and test for drug and alcohol use per DOT/Pipeline construction standards.

UTILITY POTHOLING – Daylighting and utility potholing are a process where high-pressure water is used to loosen soil during excavation. The slurry is then removed through high powered suction and the utility line is exposed through an 8-inch diameter hole, displaying where it falls horizontally and vertically underground.

CONTRACTOR CONSULTING – Are you struggling with your own directional drilling business? With 33 years of combined experience, James and Cody can help you find a solution to your professional directional boring needs. If we can’t solve your problem, one of our many alliances or contacts in the field can.

If you need utility potholing or directional drilling in Denver or the surrounding area, rely on the years of experience offered by Advanced Line Systems. We help you safely and efficiently dig for construction projects, saving you the time and money of mistakes. Contact us today!