When placing pipe and utilities, traditional digging and installation can be time-consuming and costly. For a faster, cheaper, and more effective option, look into directional drilling services. A directional drilling company can drill horizontally without disturbing the land above ground. Learn what horizontal directional drilling is and its benefits of use.

What Is Horizontal Directional Boring?

Directional boring is a trenchless placement method for utility lines, pipes, and conduits. By drilling horizontally under the ground along a predetermined path with a surface-launched machine, you can bore under obstacles or environmentally sensitive areas where trenching and excavating won’t work. Once the path is complete, we simply attach the utility line or piping on the bore stem and pull it back through the hole. Everything’s in place without having to block traffic or dig up the length of the entire line.

What Are the Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling Services?

  • Quicker Installation – Because directional drilling digs under the ground, there is less dirt to rebury and dispose of simply because there is less dirt displaced. This means the process doesn’t take as long to complete as using traditional open-cut trench work to place utilities, water and sewer lines.
  • Less Expensive – Because there is less dirt displaced, it means less time is spent reburying or removing it. This translates into fewer man-hours paid for. Directional drilling also requires fewer operators, so you’ll be saving money there too. A directional drilling company doesn’t need to rent heavy equipment like backhoes or other machines and that savings passes along to you as the consumer.
  • Installation Is More Durable – Directional drilling uses tough materials that will last longer and because it’s a more accurate process, there’s less damage putting them in. It eliminates the need to run pipes under bridges when running them across rivers. Less exposure to the elements means adding 50 to 75 percent more years to the lifespan of the pipe and burying utility lines can increase their durability.
  • Useful in More Situations – Have obstacles where you can’t use the open-cut trenching method? Not a problem with horizontal directional boring. Directional drilling is suitable for different types of soil conditions and it easily crosses natural water barriers and artificial barriers such as highways and runways. It even works where pipes must curve, so you can lay pipe where it was impossible and too expensive to lay it before.
  • Doesn’t Disrupt Your Landscape – Because horizontal boring doesn’t need to open the ground down the length of the piping or utility line, you can better preserve your beautiful landscaping. Directional digging bores a hole at the start site, but everything else is performed beneath the surface of your yard. You’ll be back to your life, or the life of your business, much faster than using traditional means.

When looking to lie utility lines or piping for water or sewer, horizontal directional drilling can save you both time and money while keeping your landscaping intact. Call Advanced Line Systems to dig where you previously thought it impossible and protect your utilities, increasing their lifespan.

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