So much lives underneath us, hidden from our sight. Almost everything in our homes is made possible by almost-always invisible networks that run all over the world. The infrastructure of our public utility networks powers our phones, electricity, gas, cable, internet, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, and water. So much of our lives is powered by these hidden technologies just beneath the surface. But what happens when something goes wrong, say the water main breaks or clogs? Or the electricity needs an upgrade? Can you dig just anywhere? Who knows these sorts of things?

Companies find exactly the right place to dig that poses the least risk to anyone involved by providing utility locating services. These services usually involve using either electromagnetic equipment (usually a transmitter and a receiver) or ground-penetrating radar. This utility locating service can be used to find any private water, sewer, communications, electric, or any other already existing utility. Need something like this located? Contact your local boring service, such as Advanced Line Systems for the Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming area.

So now we’ve found our water main break. How do we go about fixing it? How do we get at these underground systems without putting them, or anyone, in danger? Companies like Advanced Line Systems provide utility potholing services to excavate infrastructure like a pesky water main problem. Utility Potholing is usually something that happens before a project to expose the utility line. Through a variety of methods, a small hole is dug to expose the pipelines to the light of day. This process is known as “Daylighting.” This usually means exposing a larger section of an underground utility for whatever needs fixing.

Utility potholing services are a must for any sort of larger scale construction project involving utility systems because they help ensure everyone’s safety throughout the whole process, and reduce the amount of possible damages to existing utilities. It helps everyone see the project in a very literal way that otherwise would be impossible.  These kinds of issues can cause huge problems in terms of a construction project, or even in our day to day lives. If your issue involves a large installation of electricity, or just a specific water main problem, contact your local Utility Locating and Potholing Services.

Contact Advanced Line Systems today for all of your utility locating, utility potholing, and daylighting needs! We have proudly provided directional drilling and many additional services to Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming for over 10 years!