Advanced Line Systems is an owner-operated company that specializes in horizontal directional boring/drilling and utility line construction.

Since 2008, Advanced Line Systems has become one of the industry leaders in professional horizontal directional boring and utility line placement in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Owners James “Jamie” Poe and Cody Steinfeld are Wyoming natives with backgrounds in oil & gas drilling and oilfield service companies. Both got their start in the utility construction industry back in the late 1990’s working on the cable/fiber-optic upgrade for AT&T in the Denver area.

During their time with AT&T, they learned all of the phases of the line construction process including directional boring, trenching, all related ped, handhole and vault setting and the pulling of underground cable, phone and fiber optic lines. They also gained experience in the aerial construction of cable, phone and fiber optic lines including some cable splicing.

After many years in Colorado and many miles traveling to places such as California, Kansas and Texas perfecting their trade, James and Cody went out on their own in 2005 running jobs and equipment for private investors. By 2008, they were finally able to purchase their own equipment and began working for Xcel Energy in Grand Junction, Colorado assisting on both gas and electric projects as subcontractors.

Though our primary focus and expertise is in the horizontal directional boring field, we feel that having over 33 years of combined experience in all phases of the process allows us to provide a higher standard of service and quality to our customers. Also, being an owner-operated company, our customers can be assured that all work will be conducted in a professional, efficient, courteous and safe manner. Our reputation as well as our customers reputation is always a top priority.

We also provide many other Services to our clients including Utility Potholing (exposing a utility without risk of damage), Daylighting (exposing a utility in a larger fashion—“excavation”), Utility Locating (a way to trace and locate a utility and follow it), Hydrovac Services (used to locate utilities as well as for excavation), and Consulting and Sub-Contracting Alliances.