Utility Potholing & Daylighting

At Advanced Line Systems, we are experts in the process of Utility Potholing and Daylighting. Hydrovac excavation is the process of using high pressure water to loosen the soil and high powered suction to collect the slurry created. We are able to safely expose a utility line with a hole approximately 8” in diameter and ascertain its vertical and horizontal position underground. Utility Potholing is typically conducted before excavating or during the planning and engineering phase of a project.

“Daylighting” is a term used to expose utilities to daylight. Through Hydrovac excavation, equipment excavation or hand digging—we are able to expose underground utilities and pipelines on a larger scale to allow access to the line for construction, maintenance or repair purposes.

Utility Potholing & Daylighting is a must to ensure safety to all, as well as to reduce risk for potential damages to existing utilities on your job site—ultimately resulting in better productivity.

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