Utility Locating

Advanced Line Systems is your reliable utility compliance partner and solutions provider. We can help locate any utility that lies underground and may be a potential hazard to your project. We aim to ensure that each facility is located accurately and efficiently to guarantee only the highest quality of work. We are dedicated to ensuring the practice of safety within the construction industry by providing only the most accurate maps that layout the locations of underground utilities, thereby preventing alterations.

Because of our keen commitment to quality, Advanced Line Systems uses only the most advanced technology and employs various methods to cater to specific needs: electromagnetic equipment (consisting of a transmitter and a receiver), radiolocation, ground penetrating radar or traceable cameras, we can locate private water, sewer, communication, electric and any other existing utility that does not fall under your public utility locate request.

Not only do we offer only the best quality of service and put the safety of contractors and utility owners to the forefront of our priorities, we also offer all these while keeping fair pricing in mind.