Advanced Line Systems has earned and maintained a strong reputation for world-class performance over its 10-year history in the business. We accept only the highest level of quality while at the same time adhering to efficiency and safety in the workplace, not only for our employees, but also for our customers and the general public. What’s more, our loyal patrons can attest to our stellar customer service and competitive prices—both of which make Advanced Lined Systems the go-to contractor in Colorado.

All of the services that Advanced Line Systems offers to the residential and commercial utility construction industry are also offered to the energy production and pipeline construction industry. Knowing safety is the main priority on these jobs.

Our staff of industry experts are fully equipped to implement OSHA & first-aid training to employees. Daily JSA’s and weekly safety and tailgate meetings along with a documented drug & alcohol testing program as per DOT/Pipeline construction standards are just some of the steps taken to ensure a safe working environment for all involved.

Hydrovacs and larger directional bore machines (used for installing telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines) are available for your energy production/pipeline construction jobs.