Utility Potholing

What is the Safest and Most Cost-Effective Method of Potholing for Utilities?

Potholing is a process of digging a test hole to expose existing subsurface utilities. It is intended to determine the vertical and horizontal location of a facility that may be present along a planned bore path to avoid causing damage to underground utilities. The installation of underground pipelines and cables prompted most states to consider [...]

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Utility Potholing for Public Utility Infrastructure

So much lives underneath us, hidden from our sight. Almost everything in our homes is made possible by almost-always invisible networks that run all over the world. The infrastructure of our public utility networks powers our phones, electricity, gas, cable, internet, traffic lights, street lights, storm drains, and water. So much of our lives is [...]

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Why Choosing the Right Digging Method Matters

When digging to expose utility lines, it’s important to have the right equipment to prevent expensive mishaps. While some construction and boring companies work with shovels, we use highly effective hydrovac excavators instead. Does it really make a difference? It does, and we will tell you why. Potholing Utilities So, what is utility potholing? It’s [...]

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