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Directional Drilling for Underground Communication Infrastructure

In today’s modern world, every communication media has immeasurable value. Every day is all about voice, audio, video, and data technology. This is why building a communication infrastructure is important as it powers up homes and businesses. In recent years, placing communications infrastructure underground has been the norm for many reasons. Having the communication infrastructure [...]

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The Work Involved in Laying Water Pipelines Under the Ground

Water is one of the top natural resources in the world that we use every single day. In the United States, piped water from utilities, for business, and home take 11% of water use each day. But before it even reaches us, there is a lot of work involved behind the scenes to ensure that [...]

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Services and Benefits a Dedicated Hydro Excavator Colorado Can Offer

Hydrovac excavation is a modern, fast and most accurate process of digging the ground where underground utility lines are believed to be in place. It is also a safe and reliable process especially on congested sites where traditional or mechanical excavation is not practical. Hydrovac contractors do their job by injecting high-pressure water into the [...]

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The Importance of Locating Utilities before Starting a Construction Project

A few decades back, water, natural gas, and sewer were the only utilities that were buried underground. Because of dire necessity and the advancement of technology, more utility lines are placed underground, making our subsurface landscape a maze of buried pipelines, tanks, drainage facilities, ventilation shafts, sewers and many more. The need to bury utilities [...]

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