Hydrovac excavation is a modern, fast and most accurate process of digging the ground where underground utility lines are believed to be in place. It is also a safe and reliable process especially on congested sites where traditional or mechanical excavation is not practical.

Hydrovac contractors do their job by injecting high-pressure water into the ground to liquefy the soil and turn it into a slurry mix. They then vacuum the water and dirt mixture into a truck for disposal.

Hydrovac excavators use similar equipment and work processes, but they are not exactly the same, as some are better and more dedicated than others. Like the provider of hydro excavation Colorado construction companies prefer, a dedicated hydro excavator focuses on safe and effective ways to get the job done and they do it with their customer in mind. A committed hydro excavator strives to deliver:

  • A system that reduces disruptions and possible damage to existing infrastructure, as it can translate to unwanted costs.
  • A safe method to complete an excavation project. It allows excavation to go on without the need to assign a worker inside the trench.
  • An accurate digging process that prevents damage to existing infrastructure.
  • Protection of the surrounding soil and making sure it is not disturbed. This reduces the risk of cave-ins which can result in injuries or even fatalities.
  • Speed, accuracy and safety that is many times better than traditional methods of digging.
  • Remote digging operation. The hydrovac truck can be stationed at a distance from the actual digging site. This helps to reduce congestion of the work area.
  • Zero to minimal damage to underground pipes and existing infrastructure.

A competent hydrovac contractor, like the hydrovac services Colorado experts, can do several types of digging and excavation projects including:

Slot Trenching

Slot trenching is the process of digging a hole that may be deeper but certainly not wide. In most instances, slot trenches have a maximum width of 12 inches and they are usually dug for the purpose of laying or installing subsurface utilities such as cables or pipes.

Owners of slot trenching projects prefer hydrovac contractors because it is a non-destructive, precise, efficient and cost effective way to create a trench for underground utilities.

Debris Removal

Hydro excavation is an effective way to remove debris from areas such as manholes and drainage structures. It can effectively clean areas without causing damage to existing structures.

The task of collecting debris, rubble, remains of structures and other types of refuse and unwanted materials can be made easier and faster with the help or professionals like the hydrovac excavation Colorado specialists. It is the best option if burning or grinding of debris and other refuse is not applicable.

It’s ability to keep the equipment away from the work site while the excavation project is ongoing helps hydrovac contractors  to prevent congestion and traffic.


Potholing is a job that is intended to confirm the presence of underground utilities. The purpose of exposing these buried facilities is to check them for cracks or damage. It is actually a necessary maintenance routine all residential, commercial and industrial communities should perform from time to time.

Hydro excavation is the best way to pothole or “daylight” buried utilities because it is fast, safe, accurate. It carries all the attributes no manual or mechanical method of excavation can provide as far as potholing for utilities is concerned.

Remote Digging & Excavating in Tight Spaces

When excavation is necessary in the repair of underground telephone lines, fiber optic cables, water mains and other utility lines, hydro or air excavation would be the best way to dig the ground. This method becomes practical if the area being dug is located in a tight or limited space. It’s ability to operate from a distance allows digging to continue without disrupting the work area or causing traffic to nearby streets.

Cold Weather Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is the safest way to dig even when temperatures are extremely low. It doesn’t need to expose workers to the cold. Besides, most hydrovac trucks are equipped with water heaters that will loosen frozen soil when the digging operation begins. It reduces digging time and eliminates the need for thawing methods that are not friendly to the environment.

Traditional digging methods such as the manual and the back-hoe approach are not practical in certain situations. They can also be slower, labor intensive, and more prone to cause damage to existing utilities and injury to workers. They are practically inferior to hydrovac excavation in terms of performance and effectiveness

When you use hydro excavation to perform a digging project, you will certainly get into this bottom line: Neatness of work, savings in terms of operating time and costs, and avoidance of unwanted expenses due to accidents and damage to existing infrastructure. These are the most important things your dedicated hydro excavator can give – in addition to their ability to deliver the type of digging work you ask for in the contract.

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