If you’re planning to do a modern-day excavation project, you should factor in certain important factors such as existing pipelines and utility lines into your plan. These can be a cause for delay and unwanted costs once these are damaged in the course of your operation.

There are a lot of ways to dig, but if you’re looking for one solution that ensures safety, cost-effectiveness, and make underground utility lines damage-free, hydro excavation, like the hydrovac Colorado civil and structural contractors prefer, is one good way to go.

Hydrovac excavation is a precise and safe way to dig. It works only with pressurized water to soften the soil that you need to remove. The force of the water makes the soil break down. The displaced earth mixes with water then turns into a muddy slurry which becomes ready for transfer into a tank.

Aside from its wide safety factor, hydrovac excavation is a flexible because you can apply it on almost any type of soil. You can even use it to dig on frozen ground if hot water is available for use.  This method allows you to dig a depth of up to 20 meters and several meters away from the pumping truck. Hydro excavation is a versatile digging method. Its ability to operate from a remote location makes it capable of digging on locations that are difficult to access.

Hydrovac services can deliver special advantages which other methods aren’t able to offer. The are:


This is a takeaway. Hydro excavation is exceptionally fast and efficient only a few digging methods can even come close. This method is extremely fast it doesn’t even give you any reason to slow down to probe for underground utilities simply because it is not designed to harm them.

Hydro excavation would be the best method if you want a digging job done as quickly as possible.


Because it is less invasive, hydro excavation is one of the most eco-friendly methods of digging available today.


The process this method of excavation carries is so precise there is no need for you to disturb a wide area. This prevents you from making unnecessary moves which can mean additional cost and time.


Other digging methods require a worker to stand in the trench or use equipment that can pose as a risk to worker safety or cause harm to existing underground utilities. But hydro excavation is completely different. It doesn’t require workers to work in the trench and doesn’t use excavating equipment that can puncture or break existing underground utility lines.

Less Stressful

Traditional digging methods require a multitude of workers yet these are slow and sometimes may require a whip cracker to get things done (pun intended). They also have a high possibility to cause injuries which can translate to additional costs. On the other hand, digging methods that use heavy mechanical or pneumatic equipment may be less labor intensive but they have a lower margin of safety especially to existing subsurface utilities, and this can also mean added cost.

These methods are stressful not only to workers but to project owners in general.

When you opt for hydrovac excavation like the hydrovac Colorado businesses prefer,  you are actually choosing a simple excavation process that only needs a few hands to complete the project. It simply means less chances for injuries to workers and lesser possibility for damage to property. Lesser possibility for added costs could mean reduced stress.

Cost Effectiveness

Hydro excavation is an efficient digging method that requires a few workers and a shorter time to get a digging job done. It also encounters fewer problems which translates to lesser unwanted costs.

While other methods of digging can offer speed and require lesser manpower, they might not be as effective in making you avoid the cost of collateral damage.

So instead of hiring a construction company that displaceccurate and efficient hydrovac services for s whole sections of land to make way for your new installation, why don’t you use the faster, more abetter and faster results? It actually saves you time and gives you an opportunity to complete a lot more projects within a given period. That’s productivity which is the true measure of a booming business.

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