Digging has always been a part of the human quest for progress. But because not all types of digging are the same for every project, traditional digging methods may not work on some excavation projects. This is especially true in areas where pipes or conduits are buried underground. Situations like this require extra care. Hence, the use of more advanced technology like hydrovac excavation and the help of competent hydrovac contractors would be appropriate.

What is Hydrovac Excavation and How Does It work?

Hydrovac excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process of excavating the soil. It uses pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum to break up the soil and evacuate it into a tank.

During a hydrovac excavation process, the soil is liquefied and turned into a slurry mix by injecting water into the ground through a hose. The water and earth mixture is then vacuumed and pumped into a truck. This process is applicable down to a depth of 70 feet and can be used in almost any type of soil.

Practical Reasons for Using the Hydrovac Excavation Process

The hydrovac is a practical solution to a lot of problems surrounding an excavation project. Aside from being safer than traditional methods, it also reduces the possibility of causing damage or disruptions to existing infrastructure.

The controlled excavation process of the hydrovac provides protection to pipes and infrastructure that exist in the project site.

The hydrovac excavation process is safe. It does not disturb the soil surrounding the trench. This helps to minimize cave-ins and their consequences.

Hydrovac is not a machine intensive operation as it only uses water, air vacuum and debris truck during the entire process.

Hydrovac minimizes the possibility of traffic and congestion because its equipment can be placed away from the project site.

Practical Applications of the Hydrovac Excavation Process

Slot Trenching

Hydrovac is an effective way to create narrow trenches because of its capability to minimize soil disturbance. If you are engaged in a project to locate underground utilities or install small diameter pipes, this would be your best approach to facilitate speed.

Debris Removal

You can use the hydrovac process to remove debris from sewers, manholes and drainage systems – without causing damage to existing infrastructure.


The use of hydrovac would be your best approach to expose subsurface utilities without causing damage to them.

Tight Space Excavation

Excavating in tight or limited spaces like small backyards, narrow streets or planting strips is practically impossible with traditional excavation equipment. While excavation can be done manually, it also takes more time. That said, seeking help from trusted hydrovac contractors would be your best approach to get things done quickly and economically.

Hydrovac is one of the fastest and safest methods to dig holes and create trenches even in crowded spaces. It also promotes cost effectiveness because of its accuracy and ability to prevent damage to existing infrastructure.

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