Horizontal directional drilling is a modern technology which is used in the laying of various underground utilities without digging trenches. It is an effective method for carrying out projects that necessitate the laying of water and gas pipes, fiber optic lines and communication lines especially in areas where the surface cannot be disturbed due to the presence of structures like buildings, roads, and waterways.

HDD is a fast-growing market which is anticipated to become a $14.95 billion industry worldwide by 2022. Because of its huge potentials for good ROI, a lot of entrepreneurs have organized underground boring companies. This is welcome news especially to construction companies and utility providers, but sadly, not all underground boring service providers are reliable. That said, you should identify the attributes that make a HDD provider worthy of your trust. This can help to save you tens of thousands of dollars.

These are the essential qualities directional drilling companies in Denver should have in order to win customer trust and confidence:

Years of Experience

HDD is a highly technical job and experience is an important aspect of its implementation. Remember, the project you’re about to tackle involves thousands of dollars. You must make sure that the directional drilling contractor you want to work on your project has considerable experience like Advanced Line Systems of Colorado. Find this out by asking your prospective drilling contractor how long they have been in the business as well as names and contact information of owners of past projects.

Good Reputation

Reputation plays a huge role in the success of any business. It helps to convince people of the credibility and integrity of any entity who wants to do business with another. It usually revolves around a contractor’s skills, commitment, ability to deliver, and professionalism. In order to get reliable information, you need to ask around if your HDD contractor has been performing consistently over the years. Additionally, you should inquire if they have been involved in any form of scandal or questionable transactions in the past.

Accessibility and Location

The location of the underground drilling company you hire plays a crucial role in its ability to deliver. A suitable contractor is one who is stationed within your area. The easier they are to access, the better your chances of collaborating with them effectively.

General Liability Insurance

Underground boring jobs are a bit risky. It involves the use of heavy machinery. Since accidents can happen, drilling companies in Colorado must be prepared for these at all times. They should be fully covered with insurance. Stay away from contractors who are not insured because they have the tendency to put you into trouble when accidents happen.

Advanced Technology and Modern Equipment

Underground boring is highly technical work and it requires modern, sophisticated machines. As a project owner, you should choose an underground boring company with modern machinery and advanced technology. This can help to facilitate operational speed, avoid costly damage to surrounding areas, and save you time and money.

Certifications and Licenses

You must see to it that the contractor you have in mind is licensed to operate or certified by your state as a legit contractor. A state license or certification can be your guarantee that your prospective contractor is compliant with state requirements and regulations.


When choosing a provider of underground boring services, you should pick one that offers a warranty or after-service support to ensure their commitment to stick around when something happens during the warranty period. A warranty is also an indication that your contractor is confident about the quality of their service. It is actually a sign of a contractor’s commitment to uphold the quality of their workmanship.

Excellent Customer Service

A good business relationship often starts with good customer service – every business owner or manager knows that. Make sure to choose a trenchless boring contractor whose staff is courteous, professional, ready to listen and can communicate well. This will allow you and your contractor to work together harmoniously until your project is completed.

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