Trenching or slot trenching is one of the most common civil works projects today. It is a procedure that is typically used for laying pipes and cables and other underground utilities. Since this project requires only narrow trenches, hydrovac excavation is the best approach to complete the job. Here’s why:

Old trenching methods are not as fast and safe as Hydrovac

The days of manual digging are over. Manual digging is slow, involves hard labor, and poses a lot of risks to workers and materials. Moreover, unlike the hydrovac Colorado technology, conventional digging methods don’t have the capability to dig narrow trenches that are just enough for the utilities to lay in. When using the conventional digging method, you’ll also need to backfill the trench which means added operation time and costs.

Mechanical digging methods carry the risk of damaging existing utilities

Digging methods that employ heavy digging equipment like the backhoe carry the possibility of damaging existing subsurface materials. They also have the tendency to remove more dirt than necessary, and create a lot of mess in the process. Because it involves the use of heavy equipment and hard labor, these outdated mechanical digging methods are also a safety risk. You won’t encounter these issues with modern hydrovac Colorado excavation systems.

Hydrovac Excavation can accurately dig thin trenches which minimizes the amount of backfilling

Because it uses pressurized water to remove soil, hydro excavation is able to remove thin layers of soil with precision and can accurately give you the size of trench you need. And since it requires minimal backfilling, you’ll be able to finish the job faster.

Undeniably, hydrovac technology is the best, safest and fastest method of digging trenches today.

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