Back in the day, the process of underground digging and moving soil to build structural foundations, drainage systems, and other utilities used to be tough, slow, costly, and risky. While construction and excavation techniques and technologies have come a long way, utility contractors continue to look for solutions to address the many challenges in cost, safety, and efficiency.

Over the years, more and more construction projects have opted for hydro-vacuum excavation. Essentially, hydrovac units are innovative machines that dig the earth using pressurized water to liquefy the soil and vacuum or air conveyance to move the debris to a tank.

Shifting to hydrovac units is massive step that drilling companies in Colorado have taken in implementing a better excavation process overall. Here are five reasons why:

  1. It offers an eco-friendly, precise, and clean method of moving soil. Hydrovac units allow for a non-destructive and accurate process to excavate soil and locate underground utilities. Because there is neither mechanical extraction involved nor trenches lined with contaminated soil, there is little to no chance of run off to sewers and waterway systems. It also reduces excavation site mess and congestion.
  2. It gets the job completed much faster. Compared to the old-fashioned and laborious way of soil removal, using the hydrovac process requires less effort. In fact, it completes the digging process 10 times quicker than a shovel.
  3. It’s safer than traditional machinery. Hydrovac excavations are non-mechanic, making them effective in reducing construction mishaps brought about by machinery. Did you know that, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the number of trench-related hazards and fatalities due to cave-ins and collapses in 2016 “nearly doubled the average of the previous five years”? Hydrovac units are deemed as a viable solution to the dangers of a construction project.
  4. It serves a variety of applications in many sectors. A hydrovac machine is used in directional drilling, slot trenching, utility locating, daylighting, coring, and potholing. They are as useful in utility or plumbing and electrical installations as they are in construction. Today, telecommunication and oil or gas plant industries also use hydrovac units for subsurface engineering.
  5. Because it is proven faster, more efficient, and more productive than conventional equipment with minimal risk of underground damage or work hazard, hydrovac excavations make for a cost-effective option.

OSHA has clarified that under the requirements set by the agency’s statute, standards, and regulations, the use of hydrovac excavation equipment is an “acceptable means” to locate underground utilities as long as they do not damage vulnerable underground utilities such as electrical lines and cables.

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