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Understanding the Benefits and Safety Practices of Hydro Excavation

For many years, the excavation industry didn’t get much technological advancement. The industry was still using mechanical tools like backhoes and hand tools to dig in the ground.  Operator accidents are not uncommon with traditional digging methods especially in crowded urban locations. According to a report from Common ground Alliance, in 2019, there were a [...]

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Hyrdovac Excavation – 6 Good Reasons Why It is Practical for Your Digging Project

If you’re planning to do a modern-day excavation project, you should factor in certain important factors such as existing pipelines and utility lines into your plan. These can be a cause for delay and unwanted costs once these are damaged in the course of your operation. There are a lot of ways to dig, but [...]

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Practical Reasons to Choose Hydrovac Excavation for Slot Trenching Projects

Trenching or slot trenching is one of the most common civil works projects today. It is a procedure that is typically used for laying pipes and cables and other underground utilities. Since this project requires only narrow trenches, hydrovac excavation is the best approach to complete the job. Here’s why: Old trenching methods are not [...]

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What You Should Keep in Mind When Hiring a Hydro Excavation Company

Hiring hydrovac services to complete an excavation project is an important decision that can have specific repercussions for your operations. Choosing the best hydrovac company can help increase the speed and safety of a project while offering reasonable costs and efficiency. Here are five things you should keep in mind when hiring a hydro-excavation company [...]

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Why You Should Choose Hydrovac Excavation

When looking to work on underground utility lines, there are two general methods you can choose from to open the ground. You can either dig with a shovel or backhoe or hire us to do hydrovac excavation – the newest and safest method. By using highly pressurized water to dig, it has benefits that surpass [...]

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