When looking to work on underground utility lines, there are two general methods you can choose from to open the ground. You can either dig with a shovel or backhoe or hire us to do hydrovac excavation – the newest and safest method. By using highly pressurized water to dig, it has benefits that surpass traditional digging in many ways. Here is why you should choose hydrovac services for your next construction project.

It’s Fast and Efficient

Backhoes and shovels have their limitations. If you are dealing with clay, sandy soil or even frozen ground, hydrovac will get you in quickly and efficiently. The water streams have an extreme impact that speedily digs a hole and sucks away the displaced dirt in a vacuum tube. Hydrovac services can also be used in areas that are normally inaccessible to construction equipment. A hydrovac truck can be parked several feet away from the excavation site, so it can be run where a backhoe can not fit.

It’s Cost-Effective

Traditional digging methods can take days to dig out the below-ground infrastructure, costing you additional money for labor. Conventional methods also are not as safe as water excavation, so you could end up paying money for damage caused by construction equipment, or even shovels. Hydrovac services can dig an extensive system of trenches in much less time, minimizing project costs, and the safety they ensure will keep your project running smoothly.

It’s Non-Destructive and Safe

The final reason to choose Advanced Line Systems for hydrovac excavation is probably the most important. If you cut into a water or sewer line with your backhoe or shovel, you will have a big mess on your hands. Digging with pressurized water will safely expose the lines without causing damage. Keeping excavated soil away from the edge of trenches can help prevent on-the-job injuries, read more here.

Hydrovac excavation removes soils and keeps them stored safely in a debris tank several feet away from the removal site. Also, our services are more precise, so you will normally be able to preserve most of the surrounding landscaping at the job site.

When making a choice between conventional digging and hydrovac excavation, keep the benefits of the latter in mind. Hydrovac will save you a lot of time and money while getting the job done right the first time with no nasty surprises. To read more articles, please visit our blog page – here.

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