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Why You Should Choose Hydrovac Excavation

When looking to work on underground utility lines, there are two general methods you can choose from to open the ground. You can either dig with a shovel or backhoe or hire us to do hydrovac excavation – the newest and safest method. By using highly pressurized water to dig, it has benefits that surpass [...]

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What Is Utility Potholing?

More and more utility crews these days are using potholing in construction to expose lines while keeping them safe and sound. Utility potholing uses a portable vacuum excavator instead of a shovel or backhoe to find utility lines during construction or repairs. Want to know exactly how it works? Have a look at our full [...]

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The Benefits of Directional Boring

Let’s step back from all of these specific methods for a moment and take a broader look at just what directional boring is and the benefits it has to offer. Directional boring, or horizontal directional drilling (HDD), is an alternative method of laying utilities and conduits. There are a variety of reasons such a method [...]

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A Mission of Discovery

My last article addressed construction site excavation and the dangers of cave-ins. For this article, we will be discussing the process that takes places before excavation – potholing. Potholing is the process through which underground utility lines are discovered and identified, so the dig can go smoothly and prevent damage. A test hole is bored [...]

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Old vs New

Using a backhoe or excavator used to be the primary method for utility line locating, or daylighting. The industry has since determined that, for various reasons, using horizontal directional drilling paired with hydrovac is the more efficient and safer way to go. We’re going to compare the two. Heavy construction equipment, like the backhoe or [...]

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