Let’s step back from all of these specific methods for a moment and take a broader look at just what directional boring is and the benefits it has to offer. Directional boring, or horizontal directional drilling (HDD), is an alternative method of laying utilities and conduits. There are a variety of reasons such a method is advantageous over trenching. Let’s dig in and see what makes HDD the top choice for utility locating purposes.

Digging large trenches to place pipes underground is messy business that often has a lasting impact on the surrounding area. Directional boring, on the other hand, utilizes underground horizontal drilling along a prescribed path, after which utility lines are placed or located. When the process is complete, you’re left with the entry and exit points to clean up, as opposed to a gaping trench.

Now, reduced environmental impact isn’t the only benefit of HDD. In fact, there are handful of others, including:

  • less traffic disruption
  • lower costs
  • faster completion rate
  • longer and deeper installations

The benefits HDD are clear, but why choose directional boring when it comes to checking for utilities? There are public records for that, right? Well, public records aren’t always enough. Private utilities are just as much a hazard. The last experience any company wants is to be drilling when, surprise, the crew strikes an unmarked utility they were unaware of. Situations like this can be life threatening and extremely costly. The American Public Works Association details such dangers, along with the importance of utility location at projects sites prior to beginning.

Advanced Line Systems recognized these benefits back in 2008 and have been perfecting the process ever since. Drilling and pipeline companies in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming rely on us for precision directional boring, and we deliver. We offer a variety of services and methods to suit all of your horizontal directional drilling needs.

Don’t be caught off guard when it comes to underground utilities. Contact Advanced Line Systems for your HDD needs.