Traditional trenching is a typical method used for various pipe and utility installation projects or plumbing repairs.  The contractor digs a trench into the ground, then lays down and buries the wires and piping.  Though it’s cheaper than the more modern directional boring, it’s not always the best option for projects.  

On the other hand, Horizontal Directional Drilling (Also commonly known as directional boring) is a form of trenchless drilling used when trenching or excavation is not practical.  It is a quick and efficient method of installing a cable, pipe, or conduit through a drilled path without opening a surface trench.  It’s also an excellent way to avoid natural and human-made obstacles like sidewalks, roadways, landscaped areas, and even waterways.  Read on to find out the best times to use this drilling method and how hiring a Drilling Service Company Firestone CO contractors trust can benefit your projects.

  • When You Don’t Want To Disrupt The Surrounding Environment

If there are many obstacles on your property, hiring drilling companies in Firestone who specialize in directional boring is the only way to go.  If you’re installing pipelines or other utilities in an open space, trenching is an okay option. Still, if you don’t want to damage the surrounding environment, it’s better to go with directional boring.  You don’t need to worry about going back and fixing the damaged area around the drill site.

The only parts of the ground that will be disturbed are where the drilling crew will set up the machine and where the utilities are connected.  You don’t want to have to destroy a driveway or a patio just to lay down piping and wiring.  Directional boring also helps you drill around busy areas such as a roadway without the risk of causing traffic jams.

  • When You’re On A Tight Schedule

Trenching can often delay projects because the damage around the drill area will need restoration.  And restoration is time-consuming, especially when we’re talking about roadway repairs.

Are you running behind a construction project?  Utilizing drilling companies in Firestone, who are experts in directional boring, can help you stay on schedule because, as mentioned before, you don’t have to spend time repairing the surrounding environment.  You can’t say the same for pipeline installations via traditional trenching.

  • When You’re On A Tight Budget

Restoration of a damaged area around the drill site doesn’t just mean replacing soil. You’ll have to repave roads and repair landscaping, or worse, repair wires or pipes that have been damaged.  Lower surface disruption means no damages and no repair costs.  The less time you spend on restoration, the more opportunities to save money.

Directional boring also requires a smaller crew for this kind of work compared with traditional trenching.  Less workforce means lesser expenses.  


Directional drilling has a lot of benefits over trenching. Aside from being more efficient and environmentally friendly, it is also a lot safer.  According to the LHSFNA (Laborer’s Health and Safety Fund of North America), around 25 workers are killed each year in trench-related accidents.

Even if you’re going to install multiple pipes, you’ll only need one location to make it happen.  You’ll be able to install utilities without disturbing the surrounding area.  This is one of the reasons why directional boring is the recognized industry standard today, not trenching.  

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