The traditional trenching and horizontal directional drilling are the two most debated methods when a digging project is at hand. 

For people who understand the intricacies of machines for digging in the ground, this may not really be an issue. Both methods have strengths and weaknesses and not one of them has the monopoly of being beneficial in all situations. In fact, some drilling companies like the drilling service company Greeley Co contractors prefer to operate a trencher for specific purposes.  

For the purpose of setting things in the right perspective, we will explain to you how one can be better than the other.


Trenching is the process of digging a narrow trench or ditch on the ground. It is usually performed to facilitate the installation, inspection, or maintenance of underground pipelines, cables, or conduits. It can be done either manually or with the use of the trencher machine. Trenches are deeper than they are wide, and trenching can be hazardous; it can expose workers to safety hazards such as falls, cave-ins, and accidents.

 A trencher on the other hand is a construction equipment that is used to create trenches, cut pavements, or snip roots. They come in different sizes and they can dig deep and they can handle a wide rage of soil types. 

Trenching is effective, cheaper and faster in areas where disturbance to the surface is allowed. Disruption as we all know means cost and delay in a majority of situations. 

If you are digging an area where roads, buildings, landscapes and other structures don’t exist, using a horizontal boring service may not be practical unless you want to avoid restoration work. It’s one of the min reasons why many drilling companies in Greeley also own a trencher machine.

Horizontal Directional Drilling 

Many people consider HDD as the superior digging method because of its ability to minimize impact of the digging operation.  

When digging to facilitate underground utility pipes and cables, HDD is actually creating an underground pathway. And when that underground path travels under a road, structure or protected landscape, the contractors can still proceed with their job because HDD doesn’t cause disruption to the surface. After all, it is a directional tunneling equipment that runs underground parallel to the surface. It only angles upwards and out into the surface when directed by the HDD operator. Experienced drilling contractors like the drilling companies in Greeley use HDD in their urban digging operations. 


The benefits and disadvantages of both the HDD and trencher machine can only be manifested by the type of terrain they are being applied to. The directional boring equipment may be higher in cost, but it can save you time and money in terms of cleaning and restoration. Furthermore, when ground obstructions such as roads, buildings and other structures are in the way, HDD is the only realistic approach to make things happen.

Using a trencher on the other hand, is the cheaper, flexible, and faster option if you are digging on an open surface. 

There’s really no need to compare the two because each one is intended for a specific terrain. But combining them on large projects would certainly produce great results.

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