Utility locating is an essential  service because of the need for well-installed gas, electric, water, and sewer lines—especially during this pandemic, which has most of the world staying at home. Utility locating is essential in installing and maintaining any utility service.

Private utility locating companies in Colorado provide an essential service, and staff and personnel are allowed to do fieldwork. In the midst of a pandemic, utility line construction projects must proceed safely, avoiding any risks to life, health, and property.

When performing private utility locating services in Colorado, companies need to strictly observe these safety practices advised by the CDC for every work shift:


Temperature checks must be taken before anyone goes to the construction site.  Supervisors must also check for symptoms before the start of work. After the temperature checks, each worker is responsible for self-monitoring throughout the day.

Frequent Handwashing

A place for washing hands must be provided for workers, customers, and worksite visitors, to promote regular and thorough handwashing. If running water and soap are not immediately available on the site, alcohol-based hand rubs with at least 60 percent alcohol content must be provided.

Social Distancing

Some people might not be aware, so it’s better that you’ll be the one to put in the distance between you and the homeowner/customers or other locators, and staff.  Make sure to put at least 6 feet between you and other people. If it’s not possible to maintain more than 6 feet of contact distance, it is recommended to use face masks and gloves.

And if a customer or another worker on-site shows signs of being ill, such as fever, or coughing, they should be politely asked to leave to get medical attention.

Disinfecting And Cleaning Work Spaces/Equipment

Aside from hygiene basics such as hand washing and using sanitizers, it is also highly advisable to clean equipment on the premises, especially when working with another locating technician. Moreover, equipment for the head  or any objects near the mouth or nose must never be shared at any time, unless properly sanitized.

Safe digging practices and compliances with COVID-19 prevention guidelines in utility line construction sites should be observed at all times.

Clients in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming can seek the utility services of Advanced Line Systems, and be assured of the safety measures we take into account especially during these times.

For a dependable utility locating service that is conducted in full adherence to precautionary measures, contact Advanced Line Systems today!