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5 Misconceptions About Underground Utility Locating

Utility location refers to the entire process of plotting such infrastructure, from identifying where utility lines are to labeling each line properly. Underground utilities or subsurface utilities are infrastructures found underground to provide services to people. Underground utilities are built by public utility companies but are also installed as private utilities by property owners. These [...]

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8 Major Residential Property Projects that Require Utility Locating Services

A private utility locating Colorado company can survey and assess a privately owned property to detect and accurately map out any existing underground infrastructure such as pipes and cables. In general, residential property projects involving excavation or digging require utility locating to reduce the risk of damage to any critical utilities underground, prevent work injury, [...]

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Important Questions and Answers Before Starting a Digging Project

If you’re working on a project that requires digging and excavation work, one of the things that will most probably come into your mind is the possibility of coming across utilities that are buried underground. While it is okay to utilize the free “call before you dig” service offered by public utility providers, there is [...]

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