A private utility locating Colorado company can survey and assess a privately owned property to detect and accurately map out any existing underground infrastructure such as pipes and cables. In general, residential property projects involving excavation or digging require utility locating to reduce the risk of damage to any critical utilities underground, prevent work injury, and eliminate exposure to dangerous sewage and electrical wires.

While utility locate Colorado services are typically done on civil works and projects of public organizations and commercial builders, residential clients especially those with vast estates or those running apartment blocks can call for private utility locating services before undertaking any major projects on their properties.

1. New House or Apartment Construction

The construction of a new house or residential building requires deep excavation to create a strong foundation to the structure, and thus, surveying for underground utilities is an important step. Utility locating is even more important when the property was previously a public space or when you had just acquired the property but do not know its history.

2. House extensions construction 

If you plan to extend your main house to create new rooms or a garage, there will still be excavations involved. Depending on their size, these extensions will require a strong foundation to ensure stability and durability. Thus, you’ll want to make sure there are no underground utilities that could be accidentally damaged during the digging process.

3. Detached structures construction 

If you have empty spaces on your property, you may want to construct a separate structure to serve as your workshop, shed, garage or even a small house for a family member. Utility locating ensures you’re erecting the structure at the right spot. In addition, utility locating companies can also offer professional horizontal directional boring services, which you’ll need to redirect or create new private underground utility lines from the main house to the detached structure. 

4. Perimeter fencing

The posts of fences have to be driven deep into the ground to ensure stability. Depending on the size of the perimeter fence to be installed, hiring a private utility locating Colorado company is important to ensure no underground infrastructure is damaged by the posts.

5. In-ground swimming pool construction

A typical swimming pool can go deeper than 5ft, and thus, utility locating has to be performed prior to construction. Furthermore, an in-ground pool should be bigger than 12x14ft for it to be functional for exercising, playing and swimming. This means that such a large area for excavation necessitates prior utility line detection and mapping.

6. Gardening and landscaping

Whether you’re planning to grow your own food or simply want to boost your curb appeal, locating underground utilities is important. By knowing the locations of buried infrastructure, if any, you can properly plan the layout of your garden. Booking a private utility locate Colorado service is even more crucial if you plan to transplant massive trees, create manmade ponds and erect water fountains.

7. Underground bunker construction

If you have the luxury of space on your property, an underground bunker offers a lot of uses e.g. a safe place for the family, storage for your vintage wine collection, a sports and entertainment area, etc. 

8. Starting a family cemetery

There are only three states in the US that disallow cemeteries on residential properties i.e. California, Washington and Indiana. The rest of the states differ in the applicable regulations regarding home burials and cemeteries. Obviously, the site must be professionally surveyed to ensure there are no drainage issues and there will be no damage to underground utilities should the burial plans push through.

Contact the professionals for private utility locating services

Mapping out subterranean utilities is not something you should DIY. It requires professional knowledge and experience as well as advanced equipment to ensure proper detection and accurate calculations.

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