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Digging or Drilling Options for Underground Irrigation Systems

There are various ways for digging or drilling to install pipes and conduits for underground irrigation systems depending on the scale of the project. You could manually dig a trench for your underground sprinklers on your lawn or hire directional boring contractors for large-scale nature park projects. Parks, sports fields, landscaped gardens, farms, and other [...]

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Different Types Of Drilling Machines

It was over 37,000 years ago when Home Sapiens realized what are the benefits of rotary tools. It was a sharp rock that, when rotated with hands, would drill a hole into another material. Around 10,000 years ago, people used bow drills as the first machine drills which were used in woodwork and stonework, but [...]

Direction Drilling Advantages over the Other Types of Drilling

We have discussed different types of drilling directional drilling contractors used in different circumstances. One of the most common types of drilling is vertical drilling where most wells are drilled for water, oil, or natural gas straight down into the earth. Drilling at an angle other than vertical can hit targets and stimulate reservoirs in [...]

A Simple Guide to Horizontal Directional Drilling: Do’s and Don’ts

Horizontal directional drill (HDD) is a technological innovation that enables construction and mining enterprises to reach new depths of the earth's surface. It makes it possible for engineers to direct their drilling equipment horizontally to create pathways through extremely difficult terrain or locate deposits that lie beneath the earth's surface. This technology has been used [...]

Industries that Could Benefit from Horizontal Directional Drilling

In the last few years, horizontal directional drilling has become the standard when it comes to conduit installation and below-ground pipe. It is a fast, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly method compared to traditional excavation methods and trenching. Horizontal directional drilling is also perfect for drilling in tight spaces and around obstacles. For these reasons, [...]

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