In the last few years, horizontal directional drilling has become the standard when it comes to conduit installation and below-ground pipe. It is fast, cost-effective, and a more environmentally friendly method compared to traditional excavation methods and trenching. Horizontal directional drilling is also perfect for drilling in tight spaces and around obstacles.

For these reasons, many industries could benefit from horizontal directional drilling. Some of these industries include:

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry uses horizontal directional drilling for exploration, line installation, pipe replacement or repair, water reinjection lines to enhance the production of oil wells, well site construction where new buildings are needed on location, re-routing pipelines around an area that is disturbed by mining activity, installing access roads near a drilling pad, containment of hydrocarbon spills, and more.

Oil and gas companies employ directional drilling contractors to minimize environmental impact, manage well site construction, and safely drill new wells. Horizontal directional drilling contractors are valuable assets in helping the oil and gas industry improve its production. To minimize environmental damages, avoid occupational hazards, and guarantee the management of wastewater and other wastes, oil and gas exploration companies must follow the established safety standards as directed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Communications Industry

Horizontal directional drilling provides a lot of benefits to the communications industry. The industry employs directional drilling contractors to install fiber optic and cable TV lines. By using this method, the industry can avoid digging trenches, which not only saves time and money but also minimizes disruption to the environment. In addition, having the communication infrastructure underground also helps to prevent service disruptions resulting from severe weather conditions such as ice storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The communications industry is also using horizontal directional drilling for line installation and other projects in rural areas where the cost to access the customer’s property would be extremely expensive if a trench had to be dug by traditional methods.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry uses horizontal directional drilling for many different projects. The benefits include saving time, money, and the environment while providing easier access to people in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues. The technique is also used by developers who need to install utilities before the building can begin on a new project, such as putting in roads and installing water, sewer, electric, and gas lines.

In addition to these benefits for the real estate industry, horizontal directional drilling is used by home builders who need to drill under sidewalks or driveways without disturbing them to install underground swimming pools. The technique also helps with renovations where it may be necessary to reroute existing utilities around a new element being added to the home, such as a new kitchen or bathroom.


These are just some of the industries that could benefit from horizontal directional drilling. The technique is being used more and more every day and is helping to make our world a better and more efficient place. Find expert horizontal directional drilling contractors in your area to see how this technology can help your industry.