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Important Factors to Consider before Hiring a Directional Boring Contractor

Directional boring is a newer alternative to open pit digging. Unlike traditional digging, directional boring is able to dig under roads, buildings, parks and other existing structures without disturbing the surface. If you have an underground utility installation project that can’t be done with traditional digging methods, you should consider hiring a directional boring contractor [...]

Horizontal Directional Drilling – What Makes this Technique Useful?

Directional drilling which is also known as horizontal directional boring, is a method of installing sub-surface pipelines, service conduits, and cables that uses trenchless technology. It is an operation that involves the use of a surface-launched directional drilling machine and related equipment. It’s objective is to drill a chosen bore path underground to make way [...]

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Advanced Line Systems Directional Boring: A Solution to Utility Placement

When trenching and excavation are not an option for installing utility lines, pipe or conduit into the ground - it is time to consider directional boring also called horizontal directional drilling. Directional boring is a trenchless placement method that allows the installation of many utilities when the traditional trenching method is not possible because of [...]

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