When trenching and excavation are not an option for installing utility lines, pipe or conduit into the ground – it is time to consider directional boring also called horizontal directional drilling. Directional boring is a trenchless placement method that allows the installation of many utilities when the traditional trenching method is not possible because of obstruction from buildings, busy roadways, extensive landscaping, or environmentally sensitive areas.

Horizontal directional drilling begins with the formulation of a predetermined bore path that ensures all existing obstacles are avoided.  After the path is determined, a surface-launched bore machine drills laterally underground until the drill-out is complete and the proper underground hole/tunnel has been created. Now the “line” to be installed is pulled back through the hole by the appropriate tooling on the bore stem.

There are many benefits to using directional drilling in Colorado

Trenchless placement methods cause less damage to the surrounding environment than traditional methods because the ground is drilled into laterally instead of digging into the surface along the entire placement path. Directional boring causes much less disruption of the ground surface resulting in minimal impact to the job site and environment.

HDD is often a much quicker and efficient method of line placement compared to the traditional trenching method. A single entry and exit hole is created compared to digging down into the ground and then across. More dirt/rock is displaced using traditional excavation, therefore it takes more time to rebury and dispose of dirt. Directional drilling in Colorado also requires a smaller workforce – which saves money as well as time setting up a crew.

Job site flexibility is a very big benefit to using directional boring in Colorado. Trenchless utility placement can be performed in many areas that would be inaccessible using a traditional trenching method.  Whether a major road, river, building, or type of rock creates an obstacle, HDD can be used to place a utility line, pipe or conduit. HDD can also be used in a situation where the pipe must be curved to fit the appropriate application and landscape.

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