Horizontal Directional Drilling

Important Attributes of a Trustworthy Horizontal Directional Drilling Contractor

Horizontal directional drilling is a modern technology which is used in the laying of various underground utilities without digging trenches. It is an effective method for carrying out projects that necessitate the laying of water and gas pipes, fiber optic lines and communication lines especially in areas where the surface cannot be disturbed due to [...]

Horizontal Directional Drilling – What Makes this Technique Useful?

Directional drilling which is also known as horizontal directional boring, is a method of installing sub-surface pipelines, service conduits, and cables that uses trenchless technology. It is an operation that involves the use of a surface-launched directional drilling machine and related equipment. It’s objective is to drill a chosen bore path underground to make way [...]

Advanced Line Systems Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary in 2018

Since 2008, Advanced Line Systems has been the premier industry leader in directional boring in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Directional, or horizontal, drilling is a key technology for everything from oil exploration to geothermal energy research. This year represents our 10th year in business providing utility line placement and directional drilling in Denver. Find out [...]

Advantages to Using Horizontal Directional Drilling for Utility Placement

When placing pipe and utilities, traditional digging and installation can be time-consuming and costly. For a faster, cheaper, and more effective option, look into directional drilling services. A directional drilling company can drill horizontally without disturbing the land above ground. Learn what horizontal directional drilling is and its benefits of use. What Is Horizontal Directional [...]

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How Does Directional Drilling Work?

Most utility installers today use horizontal directional drilling to install lines below ground. Using this method, Advanced Line Systems can install pipelines, cables and other services without digging costly and unsightly trenches. Based on the process used by the oil well drilling industry, it instead drills precisely through the ground at a horizontal angle, then [...]

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