Directional drilling/boring is a drilling method used for installing utility lines under obstacles like roads, buildings, or wetlands.  It works around these obstacles by eliminating the need for trenching or excavating, reducing destructive installation, and disruption to surface traffic and infrastructure. 

Though directional drilling has developed over the years to increase accuracy and safety, this drilling practice still requires high technology, training, and problem-solving skills to counter drilling issues.  And for these reasons, you need the assistance of a drilling consultant firm.  Here are the five advantages of hiring one: 

1. Development Of Risk Managed And Environment-Friendly Systems For Contractors

A drilling consultant can advise drilling contractors on the appropriate methods to ensure that pipes are installed with minimal disruption.  As such, the risk of damaging existing infrastructure is minimized.  

Reduced soil excavation brought about by the good trenchless drilling methods results in less ground disturbance and little to no damage done to the environment, such as removing trees or vegetation along the drilling route.

2. Not Limited By Obstacles

Some contractors might struggle to run a conduit under a busy street.  Consultants who are experts in underground drilling will advise horizontal directional drilling providers to get a pipe or conduit under these obstacles without extensive damage to roads, railways, or building structures. 

3. Wide Range of Services

Project managers and developers will benefit from the drilling consultant firm’s vast network of established contacts in the field because they don’t have to scout and select drilling contractors themselves.  

Consultants usually have their own drilling teams or subcontractors that belong to their trusted network.  These contractors offer various digging project services from horizontal directional drilling to underground utility installation.  New sub-contractors can even become part of this network.

4. Extensive Experience and Expertise

Advanced Line Systems is a leading drilling consultant firm whose owners have a combined 33 years of field experience in horizontal directional boring for residential and commercial projects

Directional drilling consultants of this caliber have accurate and practical knowledge for every type and size of the project, especially larger ones that require extensive care in planning.  

Contractors or anyone with a digging project and is new to the industry will benefit from these consultants’ expertise as they’ll be guided well and directed to the right design, engineering, methodologies, and equipment required to complete a project.

5. Project Is Ensured To Stay Within Budget And On Schedule

As it is, directional drilling doesn’t require a lot of manpower and earth moving equipment.  This advantage is even made better by a consultant who makes sure that the right drilling techniques are used to eliminate the likelihood of restoring damaged structures, roads, green spaces, etc.

Having consultants ensure that the appropriate directional drilling methodologies are followed while minimizing or even eliminating various issues reduces the time and costs to complete a project.


With broad industry knowledge and practical understanding, a credible drilling consultant firm will share valuable information regarding technical, economic, and regulatory disciplines.  Drilling projects, especially large ones like longer crossings under highly congested areas or even rivers, require careful engineering and design input to pull off, which only a drilling consultant firm can provide to complement the knowledge and experience of contractors.

In conclusion, hiring directional drilling consultants such as Advanced Line Systems can help every entity involved in the digging project (from the project managers and developers, engineers to the contractors) to ensure that best practices, strategies, and approaches are used in completing the project.