Horizontal directional drilling allows technicians to drill horizontally without causing damage to the surface. Because of this technology, new ways to install pipes below protected, occupied or crowded spaces is now possible.

Aside from its capability to dig without destroying a landscape, horizontal directional drilling carries these advantages:

  • Faster installation
  • Lower installation cost
  • Flexibility – the system can be operated almost anywhere
  • Less restoration jobs

While there are digging jobs that can be completed with the traditional open cut method, horizontal directional drilling always stands out as the better option. Additionally, HDD is a three-pronged technology that has the capability to deliver benefits from its three aspects of operation – the technical, economic, and environmental aspects.

The Technical Benefits

  1. HDD is a trenchless method of installing, repairing or rehabilitating underground utilities practically anywhere:
  • Under rivers, protected forests, ravines and ground rocks
  • Under dense urban housing projects, roads, tram tracks, parks, etc.
  1. HDD causes little to zero disruption to the operation of roads, railways, etc.
  2. Horizontal directional drilling has highly advanced drilling equipment that facilitates speed and significantly reduces production time
  3. HDD requires less manual labor and need for heavy equipment and is safer than traditional trenching.
  4. Its rigs are fully autonomous, it has no need for external sources of energy
  5. Dewatering is not necessary with HDD

The Economic Benefits

  1. Reduced construction/production cost by way of decreased production time and the elimination of the need for additional manpower and earth-moving equipment.
  2. Elimination of the need to pay for the restoration of damaged structures, infrastructure, roads, railways and green spaces.

Social and Environmental Benefits

  1. Preservation of natural landscape
  2. Preservation of ecological balance in affected areas
  3. Minimal impact on the living conditions of people in affected areas

Because of its capability to dig underground without disturbing the surface, horizontal directional drilling has quickly become the preferred method for the installation of underground utilities. Its ability to perform underground installation without causing harm or disruption to the surface makes it a truly amazing technology. With its speed and capability to minimize pollution, HDD is probably the most eco-friendly method of drilling to date.

If you are engaged in an underground utility installation project, you must consider the technical, economic and environmental benefits of horizontal directional drilling. It doesn’t only facilitate productivity, it also carries the ability to promote progress without collateral damage.

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