9 Myths and Facts Contractors Should Know before Digging

When a construction project involves digging of the ground, everyone involved plays an  important role in knowing the presence and location of underground utility lines. This will ensure the safety of workers and prevent damage to the lines which can cause disruption of services and inconvenience to people and businesses affected. Each project that involves [...]

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How Horizontal Drilling Is Used for Energy Production

Hydraulic fracturing technology is no longer new, and better ways were needed to expand pipeline construction for energy. Reaching more oil in shale formations without disturbing land on the surface is a goal that was finally achieved through horizontal drilling also known as directional boring. Companies are using state-of-the-art hydraulic technology to drill down thousands [...]

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What Is Utility Potholing?

More and more utility crews these days are using potholing in construction to expose lines while keeping them safe and sound. Utility potholing uses a portable vacuum excavator instead of a shovel or backhoe to find utility lines during construction or repairs. Want to know exactly how it works? Have a look at our full [...]

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The Process of Pipelines

When we read about pipelines, we typically think of the oil and gas industry. While it’s true that there are over two million miles of oil and gas pipelines running through our country, we use pipelines for more than just fuels. Worldwide, there are pipelines for a variety of purposes from water, milk, and beer [...]

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Welcome to Advanced Line Systems

Advanced Line Systems at www.boretherockies.com would like to welcome you to our blog!   Since 2008, Advanced Line Systems has been perfecting the craft of professional directional boring.  Owners and Operators, Jamie and Cody have over 33 years of experience in providing directional drilling services to the Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming areas.  Being an owner-operated [...]

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