When you have an upcoming hydrovac excavation project, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This includes everything from staying on schedule and preventing any damage. Hydro excavation is a popular method of excavation where hydrovac contractors utilize techniques that have minimum risks involved. With this method, pressurized water is utilized to break up and remove the soil into a debris tank.

Even though hydro excavation is a safer and non-destructive option compared to other excavation methods, it is still important to prepare a few things. When you hire a team of expert hydrovac Colorado contractors, they will handle most of the work but you can still set up a few things so everything else will follow accordingly.

Below 3 things you can do to properly prepare for an upcoming hydrovac excavation.

Prepare the ground for excavation.

It is always a good idea to mark the area where the excavation project will happen. You can mark the ground with signs or flags, especially in areas with existing utilities you don’t want to be affected during the excavation. Survey the ground to determine which parts need a great deal of clearing. More importantly, you should also clear the area next to the excavation site. Take into consideration where hydrovac contractors will park their excavation trucks and equipment. Preparing the entire area ahead of time can prevent delays and obstacles throughout the whole excavation process.

After you’ve done your preparation, you can leave the majority of the preparation to your contractors. They will now perform an additional survey, clearing, and even soil testing to ensure that no additional steps are needed to do the job.

Temporarily pause electrical and other potentially hazardous connections next to the site.

All electrical work and other potentially hazardous connections on the excavation site and even its surrounding area should be paused temporarily. Make sure to schedule the excavation time after all electrical connections are paused and cleared to prevent accidents. While hydrovac excavations are less intrusive, it is still important to be vigilant. After all, a safe working environment for the contractors and the people in the area is of paramount importance.

Determine the scope of impacts and changes.

When you work with reliable hydrovac Colorado contractors, they will most certainly give you the details of the initial services. It is important to discuss the scope of impacts and potential changes that will happen along with the excavation project. If necessary, secure any approvals on your end ahead of time. This way, you can prevent the risk of unpleasant surprises along the way.


A proper excavation project requires care, precision, and reliability. With careful planning and preparation, you can prevent unexpected accidents and mishaps along the way. Before you proceed with your upcoming hydrovac excavation project, make sure that you have done all the necessary preparations on your end. Lastly, work with trustworthy professionals like Advanced Line Systems who can guide you with the necessary steps in preparing the site and help you complete the hydro excavation project successfully.