Our team at Advanced Line Systems is all about efficiency and a job well done. This is why we are such big fans of Horizontal Directional Drilling and Hydrovac.

Hydrovac, also known as Hydroexcavating, is used in place of conventional digging because it’s safer, faster, and cheaper. A Hydrovac operation can be set up a relatively far distance from the actual work site, which is really handy when working in close quarters. There is no need for excavation or a pit, which keeps your existing infrastructure intact and your workers safe. A direct path can be taken to access the utility, going as far as 70 feet down!

The soil and surrounding earth is removed much faster using the Hydrovac method, which saves you money and precious time. Pressurized water is injected into the access area to loosen the soil, rocks, clay, and other debris. This sludge is then vacuumed up into the truck to store for re-use later. This process can even be used on frozen ground! What remains is an open trench, perfectly exposing the pipe or conduit in question. This is precision drilling at its finest. No more hand-digging! No more precarious holes for workers to navigate!

The restoration is a piece of cake as well. After the work is completed, the same earth that was removed initially is fed back into the trench by the very same hose that removed it. Quick and easy!

Contact Advanced Line Systems for a Consultation! We’ll let you know if our Hydrovac service is what you need to complete your job. Hydroexcavation is typically used for slot trenching, pot-holing, coring, daylighting, utility locating, debris removal, tight space excavation, and pole setting.

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